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Top Features
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It’s been awhile since our last major update to Vivvo CMS, but that’s what happens when you’re busy making great CMS even more awesome 🙂 After one year of development we are ready to release Vivvo 4.5 to the world. Over 450 issues/tickets have been resolved during the release cycle. This release contains many improvements – some visible on the first glance, and others hidden beneath the hood. And here are the most important novelties, ones we’re so excited about:


1. Revisions & Auto-draft

Working with content is now elevated to a next level. You will be able to keep unlimited number of revisions (versions) of single article and revert to old revisions. Also, the system will now automatically keep auto-draft of every article.


2. Google Analytics integration

Powerful integration between Vivvo and Google Analytics will allow you to set triggers and events in your GA account, and monitor article reads, comments, shares over time as well as to see all the data GA collects from your Vivvo Dashboard.


3. Topics

With new concept of topics in Vivvo, you’ll have the ability to provide semantic relations to your content, cross-post between sections and control homepage and other sectios of website with ease.


4. Trashbin / Soft-delete

This important security improvement will not only keep articles from accidental deleting, but allow you to manage who has control over deleted articles and set automatic purge periods.

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